Think Tank: Reproductive Agents

Think tank: reproductive agents

Museo Madre

Nápoles, Italia

26.02 – 01.05.2023

New, fluid and hybrid reproductive forms have been challenging social norms across broad geographies and shifting accepted notions in relation to conception, pregnancy and birth. Think Tank: REPRODUCTIVE AGENTS brings together thirteen visual artists whose work interrogates the social, economic and political implications of how different societies define and relate to reproduction. Incorporating scientific and speculative perspectives, these artistic propositions explore conceiving and caring for new life from within evolving paradigms in which forms of reproductive agency are activated. The works presented date range from 1940 to the present day and relate variously to sexual and asexual reproduction, assisted reproductive treatments, fertility and hormonal studies, epigenetics and breeding technologies, in humans and other species, as well as in non-living entities. Advances in reproductive medicine today allow the possibility of altering the course of biological processes, thus broadening the limits of bodies that engender life. And yet what Charles Darwin wrote in 1862 still resonates strongly: ´We do not even in the least know the final cause of sexuality; why new beings should be produced by the union of the two sexual elements… The whole subject is as yet hidden in darkness´ (1). The artists presented in the exhibition address the origin of life in multiple ways, from the powerful energy involved in autogenerating a new life to the subjective experience of nurturing an autonomous body charged with its own desires, fears and thoughts.

Martina Servio Olavide´s paintings plunge into the poetic and creative process emerging from gestation. Here, the womb is seen nurturing a growing being but also desires, ideas and inner tensions of all sorts. The work intensify a more acute perception towards the passing of time involved in human reproduction.

Curated by Florencia Cherñajovsky


Lucy Beech (UK), Shu Lea Cheang (Taiwan), Elektra KB (Colombia), Lynn Hershman Leeson (USA), Pedro Neves Marques (Portogallo), Romina de Novellis (Italia), Elena Pizzato Ketra (Italia), Tabita Rezaire (Francia/Guyana) , Florencia Rodriguez Giles (Argentina), Martina Servio Olavide (Argentina), Pamina Sebastião (Angola), Ann Leda Shapiro (USA), Victor Vasarely (Ungheria)

Un caloroso ringraziamento a Tiziana Terranova e al Dottorato in Studi Internazionali del Dipartimento di Scienze Umane e Sociali dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, nonché ad Angela Balzano e Antonia Anna Ferrante.

Si ringraziano:

Pasquale Bianco; Valeria Castro; Marinette Jeannerod, Eaux Fortes; Maria Verónica Olavide Goya; Elif Temizkan; Alberta Pane Gallery, Paris; Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco; Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York; Galleria Fonti, Naples; Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Naples; Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London; Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte, Buenos Aires; wildpalms gallery, Düsseldorf.

Un sentito ringraziamento per la loro collaborazione a tutti gli artisti partecipanti.

La curatrice Florencia Cherñajovsky esprime i suoi più sentiti ringraziamenti per il suo sostegno intellettuale e creativo a Kathryn Weir. Un sincero ringraziamento anche al gruppo del museo Madre. Un pensiero speciale ad Amancio Suaya Cherñajovsky, Oankali Aracil Rodriguez Giles, Maddalena Bordin De Novellis and Dionisio Lambert Servio Olavide.